‘Epidemic of Fraud’ Fallout: Did the FDA heads know HCQ was safe?

An explosive interview with Dr Didier Raoult reveals a possible motive behind the FDA acting commissioner’s refusal to discuss Coxiella Burnetti.

We were recently asked by the French news outlet Francesoir to participate in a rare English language interview with the esteemed Pr Didier Raoult. Dr. Raoult is a world-renowned researcher in the world of medicine with a long and respectable research career. A career that was attacked when he dared to promote hydroxychloroquine as a to treat and prevent and treat COVID-19.

Dr Raoult was repeatedly attacked since his protocol showed that hydroxychloroquine, part of an ancient class of safe and beneficial medications, could be used to treat the respiratory disease COVID-19. In “Epidemic of Fraud”, we refer to Dr. Raoult’s work, and as Dr. Stella Immanuel states “they vilified him.”

Look at this scary cover for an article from The New York Times Magazine that came out 10 days before the fake Surgisphere study that claimed HCQ was deadly and a day before Rick Bright testified about how scared he was for America about the potential wave of death and ‘potentially deadly side effects’ from this medication. All this fear over a drug based on quinine, the ingredient that gives tonic water it’s bitter taste.

Another fear-mongering headline.
Another scary article the day before Rick Bright’s testimony.

This looks more like a cover to a horror movie, not an article about the fabricated debate over one of the safest and most beneficial class of medications in human history.

Our Emails to Janet Woodcock

In the movie “Epidemic of Fraud,” I discuss several email exchanges with Dr. Janet Woodcock, who in 2020 advised Rick Bright at BARDA that he should be insubordinate. According to his whistleblower complaint, Woodcock and Bright contrived a way to restrict access to HCQ as a preventative and early treatment. This action by Rick Bright and Janet Woodcock sabotaged efforts to treat COVID-19 patients early with HCQ. Early and preventative treatment has been how healers have used cinchona alkaloids for hundreds of years.

In one of our email exchanges, I ask Dr. Janet Woodcock, who in 2021 was the acting head of the FDA, about Coxiella Burnetti, a bacteria that is a known biological weapon with many hallmarks of what we were told was COVID early on in the pandemic. Dr. Raoult is a world-renowned expert in treating the dangerous bacteria. Coxiella is novel to the United States and at the time I was concerned we had missed a possible attack from something that can create unexplained cases of pneumonia.

This is what I asked her:

Her response?

Dr Raoult on why Janet Woodcock refused to discuss coxiella.

In our interview, Dr Raoult pointed out a very interesting fact. Dr. Raoult is probably the foremost expert in treating and researching Coxiella Burnetti and developed the industry standard protocol for the treatment of the disease. Dr Raoult suggests that if Dr Woodcock discussed Coxiella with me, she would have to acknowledge Dr Raoult’s 30-year-old protocol for the treatment of Coxiella, 600mg of Hydroxychloroquine taken daily for ONE TO TWO YEARS. Admitting this protocol was a standard would mean Dr Woodock knew how safe the HCQ is and would contradict her statements to Rick Bright in March of 2020, claiming the drug was deadly.

We have submitted FOIA requests for Dr. Woodcock’s communications with Rick Bright, but the FDA told us it would be TWO YEARS before we could get that information.

All of this comes on the heels of the FDA’s forced retraction of a public tweet and article claiming that ivermectin was a ‘horse’ drug and you should ‘stop it’. It led to a combination of events that seems to indicate something else was going on at the FDA besides fighting disease, and the people of the world paid the price.

Interview excerpt about Q Fever with Dr Raoult, Francesoir’s Xavier Azalbert, and John Davidson is below. See the full interview at Francesoir.

And watch “Epidemic of Fraud” now.

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