Donald Trump On Debating Against Joe Biden: ‘Never The Sharpest Bulb In The Room’

One of the fascinating subplots surrounding a potential second Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden United States Presidential Election is the issue of whether the pair will debate one another. 

Obviously, Donald Trump wants to debate Joe Biden. Biden struggles to get through pre-written speeches and appears, each day, to get worse, mentally. Thus, putting him on a debate stage against Trump doesn’t seem like a good strategy for the Democrats. 

That being said, avoiding debates all together probably isn’t a winning strategy, either. So, what are they going to do? 

Trump appeared on Clay & Buck, the nationally-syndicated radio show hosted by OutKick founder Clay Travis and his co-host, Buck Sexton, to talk about myriad issues with the election coming up later this year. 

“Do you really think [Biden will] be running against you? Do you think [the democrats will] let him debate you, or do you think they’ll pull a bait-and-switch at the last minute?” Travis asked the former president. 

“I personally don’t think so,” Trump responded, indicating he believes that Joe Biden will ultimately not be the democratic nominee for president. 

“I think at some point, he goes out,” Trump continued. “He was never the sharpest bulb in the room, ever, and now he’s … so dangerous for our country.” 

Trump’s comments certainly rung true, although implying that someone else isn’t very smart while mixing two different metaphors doesn’t seem like sound strategy, either. “Sharpest knife in the drawer” or “brightest bulb in the box” probably would hit a little harder, but what do I know? 


Trump went on to list several other world leaders that he thinks are laughing at the fact that Biden is the United States President despite suffering from what looks like clear mental deterioration. 

“It could lead to the Third World War,” Trump added. 

That aside, the idea of Biden debating Trump brings up a fascinating potential point in this election cycle. Biden had the benefit of the media covering up the Hunter Biden laptop prior to the debates in 2020, which definitely helped Biden get elected. 

There’s no question that the media will try similar tactics if Biden is indeed the nominee once again. The problem, though, is how can he possibly stand on a debate stage for 90 minutes and go back-and-forth with Trump? 

He probably can’t. And, as I mentioned, declining a debate during a presidential election is a massive sign of weakness, which also probably is not an option. 

That’s what lends credence to all the theories that the democrats are going to try to replace Biden. The problem is: with whom? They can’t just parachute in another white man, like Gavin Newsom, because they’ve painted themselves into a corner with DEI. 

Then, who? Kamala Harris? She polls worse than Biden. Michelle Obama? Maybe, and to be honest, that might be the most interesting choice. Still, how can they justify putting Michelle Obama, who didn’t win any democratic primaries, as the candidate out of nowhere? 

The Democrats are basically stuck with Biden, which means we probably will get to see a Trump vs. Biden debate at some point in the next few months. Talk about must-see-TV.

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