Crowd Sing Controversial Banned Song During Spain-France Euro 2024 Semi-Final

The crowd at tonight’s Euro 2024 semi-final between Spain and France was once again heard singing the controversial “L’amour Toujours” song, despite it being banned by UEFA.

The tune has become an anthem for right-wingers expressing dissent against mass migration across Europe since becoming popular in Germany, with the lyrics being re-purposed to say “Auslander Raus,” meaning ‘foreigners out’.

Both Italian and Hungarian fans were heard singing the melody to the song earlier in the tournament.

It was also heard earlier tonight as Spain beat France 2-1 to reach the final of the competition.

Presumably, given the French team’s overwhelming commitment to ‘diversity’, it was the Spanish supporters who provided the rendition.

It’s a strange revival for a 1999 hit that originally gained popularity on the rave scene at the turn of the millennium.

The song began as a viral meme being sung by young German AfD supporters in nightclubs, at beach parties, carnival parades and village festivals.

Munich’s famed Oktoberfest banned the song entirely after police opened an investigation into two men caught singing it at the Bergkirchweich beer festival back in May.

UEFA also announced that the song would be banned at Euro 2024, although they have been completely powerless to stop thousands of fans in the stadiums singing it anyway.

As we highlighted last week, the issue of mass migration intersected with the football world when German star Toni Kroos told a podcast that he would keep his family in Spain because his homeland has become too dangerous as a result of rampant immigration.

Kroos said he will be staying in Spain with his family despite his football career there coming to an end because Germany is no longer the same country that “it was ten years ago when we left.”

Compared to Spain, Kroos said he felt more uneasy about letting his daughter go out “at 11pm in a big German city” because mass migration had become too “uncontrolled”.

As we document in the video below, confusion reigned when German police showed up at a birthday party in response to reports that the forbidden track was heard in the town of Cochum.

Those singing it turned out to be all non-German female nationals of Bulgarian, Romanian and Ukrainian descent.

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