Biden’s White House Press Secretary Wrote “I Came To Detest South Carolina” And Said “Racial Hostility” Permeates The Air In The Palmetto State

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrote that she “came to detest South Carolina” and she described “racial hostility that seemed to permeate the very oxygen I breathed.” Jean-Pierre wrote these words as a grown woman based on her experiences working for disgraced politician John Edwards in the Palmetto State. Does Joe Biden think this kind of elitism is going to help him win the election? Does Joe Biden think at all?

“Probably because I wasn’t sleeping well, or really at all, I came to detest South Carolina. Everything about it was off-putting. The Confederate flag, the humidity, the covert stares I received every time I ventured into a white neighborhood, the simmering racial hostility that seemed to permeate the very oxygen that I breathed,” Karine Jean-Pierre wrote in her 2019 book Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America. 

Karine Jean-Pierre did not trust the kindness that South Carolinians graciously offered to her.

“I would keep thinking, ‘What’s the agenda behind this overture.’ I know I am not being fair to an entire state but hey, you know what they said about South Carolina in 1860 when it kicked off the American Civil War: ‘Too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum,’” Jean-Pierre wrote.

“I threw my stuff in the trunk and hit the road. I remember catching one last sight of the Confederate flag and just shook my head. You lost, people — get over it! I thought as I accelerated north toward home,” Jean-Pierre wrote.

The book has a forward by Barack Obama’s consigliere Valerie Jarrett and it only ranks #459,984 in Books on Amazon as of press time. Was there a point in writing the book besides venting her distaste for Middle America? For what it’s worth, she said part of the reason she didn’t like South Carolina was because she lived underneath a prostitute in a rough neighborhood, but she also expresses a whole lot of disgust for the people of South Carolina.

This is not the only time that Karine Jean-Pierre expressed an elitist attitude.

Back in December we reported: Today News Africa publisher Simon Ateba continues his quest to get his questions answered in the White House briefing room, despite White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s apparent hatred of him. The Joe Biden White House press office even sent Simon Ateba a long, rambling letter warning him that they might try to kick him out of the White House.

American populists are firmly standing with Simon Ateba, the man who famously said, “I hope when I yell a question, the American people will understand.” Indeed we do understand. But White House officials do not seem to understand Simon Ateba’s journalistic method, and they actually seem to fear him. The White House letter to Simon Ateba, which Ateba released on X, really has to be read to be believed. How much of the taxpayers’ time did they spend crafting this angry written meltdown?

“Mr. Ateba, On July 11, 2023, we wrote to you about your disruptive behavior at multiple press briefings, reminded you that we expect professional behavior on White House grounds, and warned you of the consequences that could result if you continue to impede briefings or events by shouting over colleagues who have been called on for a question, even after you have been asked to stop by a White House employee,” the White House letter states.

“As we explained in that letter, we strongly support the important role that members of the press play in covering the White House, but the back-and-forth that takes place between White House officials and the press only works when the individuals involved engage with each other in a professional and respectful manner. Unfortunately, even though we previously placed you on notice of conduct that would run afoul of basic expectations of professionalism, you again engaged in the warned-against conduct by disrupting a press briefing on November 30, 2023. Specifically, as the Press Secretary attempted to call on one of your colleagues, you talked over both your colleague and the Press Secretary, preventing the question from being asked and interfering with the Press Secretary’s and the National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications’ ability to have a dialogue with members of the press. The Press Secretary asked you twice ‘to be respectful’ and warned you three times that your disruption could result in ending the briefing, but you continued to shout over your colleagues and the Press Secretary,” the White House letter states.

“As we emphasized in our July 11 letter, continued interruptions prevent journalists from asking questions and administration officials and guests from responding. The Press Secretary’s only option in response to such disruptions is to stop the briefing or event, which is to the detriment of all journalists. That is precisely what happened because of your disruptions on November 30. “We previously warned you that continuing to engage in disruptive conduct at press briefings could result in the suspension or revocation of your hard pass, which you possessed at the time of the July 11 letter. Because you no longer have a hard pass, we are writing to make clear that if you continue to impede briefings or events by shouting over your colleagues who have been called on for a question, even after you have been asked to stop by a White House employee, your access to the White House campus for press-related events through the day pass system may be restricted. Any such restriction would come with an opportunity to be heard. We note, however, that in light of your history of disruptive conduct— recounted in detail in the July 11 letter—you may immediately be denied access to press-related events, pending such an opportunity to be heard, should you engage in further conduct that violates the expectations of professional behavior on White House grounds,” the White House letter states.

“We hope that you will work with us to avoid any future issues in the press briefing room or at other events at the White House. If you would like to comment on this letter, please reply by email within 7 days,” the White House letter states.

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