Biden Talks To Panel of Hollywood Movie Presidents But Leaves Out President Camacho

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

Joe Biden spoke to a panel of aging Hollywood celebrities who played presidents in movies and TV shows in another lackluster bid to bolster his failing public image in an election year in which he is losing in the polls to President Donald J. Trump and experiencing an independent challenge from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Briden’s Cringe panel included Michael Douglas from The American President and Bill Pullman from Independence Day. Apparently Geena Davis played the president on a show called Commander in Chief and Morgan Freeman played the president in Deep Impact. Also, a man who played the president on a show called Scandal was on the panel.

Notably missing from the panel was Terry Crews, who played ex-professional wrestler President Camacho in the 2006 Mike Judge movie Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson. Camacho’s high energy State of the Union in the film is the kind of energy that Joe Biden could only dream of re-creating. Biden’s own State of the Union address on Thursday night is garnering subdued interest from the American people who do not wish to hear from Joe Biden as the country is under open-borders migrant invasion, threatening American sovereignty.


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