America & West Move to Autocratic Party

“Everything for our homeland, everything for Saxony-Anhalt, everything for Germany.”  This phrase by a former history teacher turned member of the AfD Party in Germany found him in court being prosecuted for a hate crime.   Höcke, 52, is the leading candidate of the Thuringian AfD for the state elections at the beginning of September.  Constitutional Protection Agencies have described him as a right-wing extremist.   Sounds more like ‘election interference’.

Founded in 2013, the AfD Party wasn’t taken seriously until it started to garner a significant portion of the voters.   Since then, it has become the target of every legal effort to dismantle its ideologies which include;  nationalism, Anti-immigration, climate change denial, and welfare ‘chauvinism’.  Apparently, welfare chauvinism defines the will of The People to limit welfare handouts and payments to only “citizens” as opposed to illegal immigrants.  Germany vehemently disagrees and anyone who suggests such a policy is guilty of discrimination and hate speech.

The phrase Hocke is charged with saying illegally is simply, ‘everything for Germany’.   The claim is that the Nazi’s used this phrase and therefore anyone else who makes this statement is a threat to society, right wing extremist, and subject to fines and jail.   The court assessed Hocke punishment of 100 times the 130Euro daily fine.

Other phrases considered illegal or irregular in Germany include:  ‘with German greetings’, ‘our honor is calledloyaty’, ‘hip hip hooray’, ‘Holocaust’, ‘camp’, ‘shower’, ‘foreign worker’, and ‘Nazi’.   What does Germany want?  They assert the AfD Party is extremist and must be banned.  Hocke is leading in the polls for the June election.

The German Bundestag has revealed that they have been illegally surveilling members of the AfD Party for some time.  When this was brought to court this was the ruling:   “The court finds there is sufficient evidence that the AfD pursues goals that run against the human dignity of certain groups and against democracy.”  ~Judges at the higher administrative court in Muenster

Anyone that belongs to an ‘extremist political party’ is considered a potential terrorist and therefore the rules of the Constitution don’t apply.  This has already been utilized in the detention and jailing of now 1400 Patriots in America.  Because MAGA is extremist.

Multiple journalists, scholars, and commentators have called the slogan MAGA  racist, regarding it as dog-whistle politics and coded language.

During Trump’s campaign against Hillary, Billy stated, “Trump’s version, used as a campaign rallying cry, was a message to White Southerners that Trump was promising to “give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and … move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down.”   OUCH!

Reagan coined the phrase in 1980.  During Trump’s campaign in 2015, numerous NGO’s used the dichotomy to call themselves, Reaganites Against Trump.  They have effectively become the block that is now the republican uniparty – neoconservatives.  In Name Only.  As far removed from anything Reagan imaginable.

IF the Uniparty were to declare MAGA an extremist organization or racist as a collective, the party could conceivably be trumped like the AfD –

Blinken visited Ukraine and produced a bizarre video in which he claims that Zelenskyy suspending elections is because every Ukrainian has the right to be there…but because of the War, many would not be able to vote.  There are 1 million Ukrainians in the US, there are nearly 6 million Ukrainians in Russia, and another 14 million scattered across Europe.  The population of Ukraine is unknown, however a rough estimate, including all Ukrainians living ‘abroad’ is 33 million.  Leaving just 12 million in the country – 33%.

Blinken thus supports autocratic rule and The People have no say.  Rumors had been circulating that the US wanted to replace Zelenskyy.  Zelenskyy then stated Putin had attempted to assassinate him.  And suddenly he was reinstated via his ‘insurance policy’ – touch me and I spill everything.

The People of Israel are calling for Netanyahu to resign amidst his Palestine genocide.  He refuses.   Instead, he declares a forever war against Palestine until he can complete his mission of a NEOM comparable city to replace Gaza by 2035.  Using American Taxpayer funding.

These are countries that espouse to be the core structure of democracy!  The same countries responsible for color revolutions, riot incitement, assassinations, and election fraud.   If an election candidate in any other country has ties with the US or London, it is highly probable they were inserted into office.  Or as George Carlan said – “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.

The definition of democracy has quietly been altered and now reads, ‘The Right To Life, Liberty and Minority Rights’.   The pursuit of happiness no longer exists.   I suppose that pursuit has now been usurped by the World Economic Forum because only they can provide ‘happiness’.

Elections are forged.  The People have no power.  And America faces the same election integrity as Ukraine and Israel in this upcoming November.  Will the Uniparty attempt to call a lid?   Will they postpone elections until the wars are over?  Or will they simply make the succeeding four years miserable?

Silence of The Lambs.  When western governments become autocratic regimes, the Constitution has effectively been repealed and is no longer in force.  These lambs are out in force supporting President Trump.  These Lambs will not stay silent.  Which is why the Biden regime is building a secondary military/militia called The National Guardsmen… while simultaneously federalizing state National Guards.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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