AMERICA FIRST: Roger Stone Endorses J6 Patriot Derrick Evans for Congress in WV-1

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Roger Stone has endorsed Derrick Evans for Congress in West Virginia’s 1st District, where Evans, a J6 Patriot, is taking on establishment swamp creature Carol Miller. The race between Evans and Miller is in a statistical dead heat and Evans has recently surpassed Miller when it comes to fundraising and endorsements alike, with the race entering its final stretch before the May 14th primary election.

Political icon and Trump Senior Advisor Roger Stone has officially endorsed Derrick Evans for Congress as Evans’ grassroots campaign to remove incumbent Republican Carol Miller moves into the home stretch. Evans has seen a groundswell of America First support come his way after Miller was exposed for her support of abortion, jab mandates, gun confiscation, the war lobby, and Bill Gates’ plans to destroy the coal industry, all while raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars on insider stock trades.

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“I’m fed up with the cowardly establishment politicians like Carol Miller who work as puppets for the Chinese Communist shills like Kevin McCarthy,” Stone said, slapping down Miller’s longtime support of the ex-Speaker of the House, who became the first speaker in American history to be removed by way of the Motion to Vacate.

“That is why I am proud to announce that I have officially endorsed Derrick Evans for Congress in West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District,” Stone added.

Highlight Evans’ time as a J6 political prisoner, Stone went on to say that “Derrick Evans is the real deal. He knows what it is to sacrifice for his country. Derrick did time in prison and even in solitary confinement for standing with President Trump and protesting Joe Biden’s stolen election. ”

“Derrick is a man of courage and integrity. And despite being targeted by Joe Biden’s DOJ, he has a deep love for America, and unlike Carol Miller, Derrick will not be controlled by the special interests that are polluting our nation’s politics,” Stone said.

“Spineless RINOs like Carol Miller have failed us time and time again because they go to D.C. to serve the interests of the swamp, rather than their hardworking American constituents,” Stone continued.

“It’s long past time to remove uni-party insiders like Carol from Congress altogether. Carol Miller is a Liz Cheney-style politician who is owned by lobbyists and coal-hating, Green New Deal billionaires like Bill Gates.”

“In contrast, Derrick is committed to draining the swamp, dismantling the Deep State, and putting America First,” Stone continued.

“I have no doubt Derrick will take his willingness to serve and sacrifice to D.C. to fight for President Trump’s America First Agenda and be a transformational force as we fight together to Save America,” Stone said.

“I hope every Republican in America will join me in backing Derrick’s candidacy in West Virginia.”

After receiving Stone’s endorsement, Evans told National File that he’s “honored to be fighting in the trenches with Roger Stone to right the wrong that was perpetrated on the American People on November 3rd, 2020 when the Deep State interfered in the federal election of a U.S. President.

“Roger Stone is an American icon, and represents the best of the MAGA effort to Save America alongside Donald Trump,” Evans added.

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