Al-Jazeera reporter doubles as hostage keeper

A reporter accredited to Al-Jazeera, the official television network of the Emirate of Qatar, now stands accused of keeping three Israeli hostages in his home in central Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed today.

Al-Jazeera caught red-handed

Abdallah Aljamal, “Gaza-based reporter and photojournalist” according to Al-Jazeera itself, held three hostages at his home in Nuseirat in central Gaza. IDF Special Forces elements raided the Aljamal home yesterday, rescuing three Israelis listed as missing since the October 7 attack. Aljamal, his father, and several members of the Aljamal family died in the raid, according to The Times of Israel.

The IDF confirmed the rescue of three hostages at the Aljamal home, and one additional hostage at another location.

245 days.

It has been 245 days since Noa hugged her father and her mother who is terminally ill. It has been 245 days since she was dancing with her friends at the Nova festival.

For 245 days, Noa was held captive by Hamas terrorists who only seek to cause pain and suffering.…— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) June 8, 2024

Shlomi Ziv (40) was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 at the Nova festival.

Shlomi was working as security director at the festival when he was brutally taken hostage for 245 days.

We brought him home today back to his wife and family. We will continue operating to bring all our…— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) June 8, 2024

Jim Hoft, editor-in-chief of The Gateway Pundit, had quotes from The Times of Israel and X posts from the IDF and other sources. IDF elements rescued hostage Noa Argamani from a separate location. They rescued Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv at the Aljamal home. Apparently the Aljamal family took part in keeping the three hostages – though what exact role they played, is not clear.

Al-Jazeera denied flatly that Abdulla Aljamal was even on their staff.

Qatari news network Al Jazeera is stridently denying any link to Gaza-based journalist Abdallah Aljamal, amid unverified rumors that hostage Noa Argamani had been held at his home in central Gaza’s Nuseirat.

According to various rumors, some of which have been picked up by Hebrew-language media with varying levels of credulity, Argamani was held at the home of Dr. Ahmed Aljamal and his son Abdallah. They also claim that Abdallah is an employee of Al-Jazeera.

The reports base the claim on Rami Abdu, head of the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, who tweeted that soldiers climbed into the Aljamals’ home during the raid and killed several members of the family, including Ahmed and Abdallah. He notes that Abdallah is spokesman for the Hamas-run labor ministry in Gaza and has contributed to several news outlets in the past.

“This man is not from Al-Jazeera, and he did not work for Al-Jazeera at all, and he is not listed as working for Al-Jazeera neither now nor in the past,” al-Jazeera Jerusalem bureau chief Omar al-Walid says. “We do not know him, and all the rumors that have been spread are empty of content and not true at all.”

The above reads like a clumsy attempt at disavowal, and recalls this part of the “Message on the Tape” that played at the beginning of every episode of the Paramount Pictures television show Mission: Impossible during its seven-year run:

As always, should you or any member of your [Impossible Missions] Force be caught or killed, The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Exactly which anonymous Minister might be responsible for this disavowal is not clear. But the IDF is having none of it. This afternoon they released this direct evidence of Abdullah Aljamal’s affiliation with Al-Jazeera.

“Journalist” Abdallah Aljamal was a Hamas terrorist holding Almog, Andrey and Shlomi hostage in his family’s home in Nuseirat.

No press vest can make him innocent of the crimes he has committed.@AlJazeera what’s this terrorist doing on your website?— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) June 9, 2024

Embedded “journalists”

Besides, the record shows that elements of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Arabic Harakah al-Muqāwamah al-Islāmiyyah, abbreviated HAMAS) traveled with embedded “war correspondents” in their October 7 action. These “war correspondents” gave or sold material to CNN, Thomson-Reuters, the Associated Press, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among other organs.

The Emirate of Qatar, which owns Al-Jazeera, did not sign any of the “Abraham Accords” that President Donald Trump brokered. Bahrain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and even the Sudan each signed one of the Accords; Qatar did not.

Again, Noa Argamani was not at the Aljamal home during the raid. But her rescue was simultaneous with those of the other three, whom the IDF did find at that home.

More than a month before the latest raid, the Israeli government shut down all Al-Jazeera offices operating in Israel.

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