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A Memorial Day Salute

On this Memorial Day, the FLCCC Alliance honors the sacrifice of all U.S. service members who gave everything fighting to defend our country, values, and freedom. Thank you!

Memorial Day 2024

Over the past four years in the United States, panic, mass formation, and rise of the censorship industrial complex challenged many basic freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  Both civilians and and service members were impacted by numerous and capricious draconian measures enacted to “flatten the curve.”

According to latest numbers, total military personnel declined by around 64,000 in the last three years, with 8,400 service members discharged due to refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. On this front, there is potentially some good news.

From, May 22, 2024

The House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday adopted an amendment to the annual defense policy bill that would push the Department of Defense to rehire U.S. service members who were fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

The measure, which would require the Pentagon to create a robust plan for rehiring those service members, was adopted by voice vote as the committee considered a round of amendments for a markup of the 2025 national defense authorization act (NDAA).

The measure, however, faces an uncertain future later this year, when the committee will meet with the Democratic-led Senate Armed Service Committee to reconcile differences in the NDAA before full passage in Congress.

Recruitment goals for every branch of the U.S. military have gone unmet for a few years, except for the Marine Corps and Space Force, and the number of active duty members are projected to be smallest since World War II.

A change is definitely needed and it looks like, maybe, the military brass is starting to agree.

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