A male flight attendant booted a woman and her baby off the flight for one insane reason

A widowed Texas mom and her tiny baby were ready to board their United flight home.

But they were shocked at what happened next.

And the frantic mom was powerless as a male flight attendant booted her off the flight for one insane reason.

A “visibly shaken” man in a dress

Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart.

Thankfully, Jenna Longoria had her 75-year-old mother with her for help.

But as Jenna and her baby prepared to board their United Airlines flight home, the airline staff would not let the grandmother board with them.

Frustrated, Jenna struggled trying to carry all her bags (and her baby) as she prepared to board the flight.

After scanning her ticket, Jenna claimed she simply said “thank you, sir” to the airline employee who gave her the ticket.

She continued to struggle as her son had a meltdown, so she asked the next flight attendant for help saying something like “Can you help me? He will not let my mother through, The Daily Mail reported.

And that is when all hell broke loose.

The flight attendant became outraged and scolded Jenna for referring to the “female in a dress” as a man and banned her from flying home because of “what came out of her mouth.”

Say what?

Absolute madness. 

Denied access to fly

The angry flight attendant was furious Jenna dared to “misgender” a fellow airline employee!

Jenna was not about to get into a debate, she just wanted to get home!

She even apologized, and said she was not “well-versed in pronouns” but United still would not let her board.

The flight took off with their bags on board and Jenna was left without medicine for her son.

“I don’t have an agenda… the trans thing, it’s not on my radar. I’m just a mother trying to get from point A to point B with my baby and elderly mother,” Jenna told The Daily Mail.

Bowing down to deranged LGBT activists has gone too far.

To deny a mother and her baby the right to fly home is pure insanity. 

Jenna began recording as United Operations Manager Gabriella Chidom reiterated she would not be able to fly home because of “what came out of her mouth,” reported The Daily Mail.

Finally, after sharing her story on social media, United Airlines wised up and let the widowed mom fly home with her infant son and elderly mother.


They claimed they would not let Jenna board because she had “too many bags”, but the footage Jenna released told a different story. 

Holding Americans hostage

LGBT activists continue to hold Americans hostage with their radical agenda.

They demand everyone adapt their worldview or face punishment. 

Newsflash, a guy wearing a dress is still a dude.

However, you want to spin it.

A male does not become “female” simply for wearing a dress.

But as Democrats continue to empower LGBT activists to have “equal rights” one can expect to see a surge in everyday Americans getting punished or fined for “misgendering” people.

To hear Jenna’s story, check out the story on Fox Business below.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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