20 Things We Need to Just Stop Doing in America

Can we stop? Can we just stop…

1) …pretending it’s some sort of weird “it could happen to anyone” style accident that mental cases addicted to fentanyl are chronically homeless?

2) …breathlessly, endlessly, non-stop promoting being gay like it’s something for everyone to aspire to be? I mean, look at this. It’s completely ridiculous:


·         February 7: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

·         Week after Valentine’s Day: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

·         February 28: HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day


·         March: Bisexual Health Awareness Month

·         Week varies in March: National LGBT Health Awareness Week

·         March 10: National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

·         March 20: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

·         March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility


·         April 6: International Asexuality Day

·         April 10: National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

·         Third Friday of April: Day of Silence

·         April 18: National Transgender HIV Testing Day

·         April 18: Nonbinary Parents Day

·         April 26: Lesbian Visibility Day


·         First Sunday In May: International Family Equality Day

·         May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

·         May 19: National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

·         May 22: Harvey Milk Day

·         May 24: Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day


·         June: LGBTQ Pride Month

·         June 1: LGBTQ Families Day

·         June 12: Pulse Remembrance 

·         June 15: Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court Bostock decision expanding protections to LGBTQ employees

·         June 26: Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court legalizing marriage equality

·         June 27: National HIV Testing Day

·         June 28: Stonewall Day

·         June 30: Queer Youth of Faith Day


·         Week of July 14: Nonbinary Awareness Week, culminates in International Nonbinary People’s Day on July 14

·         July 16: International Drag Day


·         August 14: Gay Uncles Day

·         August 20: Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


·         September 18: National HIV/AIDS & Aging Awareness Day

·         Week of September 23: Bisexual+ Awareness Week, culminates in Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23

·         September 27: National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


·         October: LGBTQ History Month

·         October 8: International Lesbian Day

·         October 11: National Coming Out Day

·         October 15: National Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

·         October 19: National LGBT Center Awareness Day

·         Third Wednesday in October: International Pronouns Day

·         Third Thursday in October: Spirit Day

·         Last week in October: Asexual Awareness Week

·         October 26: Intersex Awareness Day


·         First Sunday of November: Transgender Parent Day

·         November 13 – 19: Transgender Awareness Week

·         November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance


·         December 1: World AIDS Day

·         December 8: Pansexual/Panromantic Pride Day

·         December 14: HIV Cure Research Day

3) …allowing rioters to run wild whether it’s in cities, at the Capitol, or on college campuses? We get every excuse in the book as to why these idiots should be allowed to break the law with impunity, but at this point, it should be obvious that it only leads to more riots.

4) …pretending like black people, in mostly black areas, with mostly liberal black politicians that they voted for are somehow being held back by white Republicans when they fail?

5) …having fast food restaurants on every corner and grocery stores overstocked with cheap, super palatable garbage food when our country is arguably the fattest nation in the world?

6) …celebrating every mentally ill person and weird choice people make with feature-length articles in magazines in newspapers? We’d be much better off as a society if we wrote off every weirdo who says men wearing dresses are masculine or strange teenagers who have decided that they’re cats and now have meow/meowself pronouns as oddballs instead of selling them to the world as potentially viable alternative lifestyles.

7) …pretending cops are the bad guys? We ask our police to deal with the most unpredictable, dirty, and dangerous situations in our entire society and they agree to do it even though they know if they make a mistake or do the wrong thing, they’re going to be crucified over it. The cops who do that job and live up to the incredibly high standards we have for them deserve a lot more respect and appreciation than they get from a lot of people on the Left in our society.

8) …endlessly promoting public transportation? America is a huge place and public transportation doesn’t work very well in areas with low population density, which is the vast majority of the country.

9) …treating Satanism like a religion? Some people claim it’s a way to worship evil and some people claim it’s just a way to goof on religious people, but in either case, it’s not a real religion in any meaningful sense and it shouldn’t be treated like one for legal purposes.

10) …having debates decided by politicians who get off the coolest one-liners as opposed to you know, anything substantive?

11) …declaring that the polls are right when they tell us what we want to hear, but they’re all rigged when we hear something we don’t like?  

12) …rewarding people who get caught in lie after lie, promote conspiracy theories and generally just act like a-holes with attention, money, and fame as long as they do it in an entertaining way or are “on our side,” whichever side that might be.

13) …treating shoplifters like they’re legions of desperate mothers who’ve tried every other thing to feed their kids and are down to regretfully stealing as opposed to a bunch of dirtbag criminals who just want stuff for free at other people’s expense?

14) …pretending that men are women if they say they are or repress their testosterone for a few months?

15) …openly promoting racial hatred against whites, Asians, and Jews?  It took America almost two centuries to embrace the idea of a colorblind world and abandoning that as a society, which is what’s likely to eventually happen if we continue going down this path, isn’t good for anyone.

16) …trying to create racial strife by breathlessly promoting every statistically rare case where a black person either attacks a cop, resists arrest, and dies in a conflict with a cop? 

17) …forcing everyone in the country to pay off people’s college loans with their tax dollars while simultaneously handing out MORE COLLEGE LOANS?

18) …deliberately leaving our borders wide open to illegals, drug dealers, gang members, career criminals, foreign agents, and terrorists? It’s extraordinarily dangerous, stupid & divisive. It needs to stop.

19) …going trillions of dollars into debt every year? We’re on pace to go two trillion dollars into debt this year, which is essentially 1/50th of the world economy and there’s not even a war or a crisis happening. How can anyone possibly think our country can survive doing this long-term?

20) …pretending that refusing to give gay porn to kids in schools or saying it’s wrong to expose them to perverted drag queens is some kind of puritanical overreach, as exposed to the most basic level of sanity?

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